Aug 26, 2014

desert daze

hat-h&m | top-astr | rings-flea market
belt-flea market | skirt-thrift | platforms-h&m

Aug 8, 2014


head band-DIY | dress-flea market
sunglasses-thrift & DIY sandals-dollar store

Aug 6, 2014

august wish list

felt coat- net-a-porter | turtleneck-similar styles at topshop
floral shorts-vintage | concho hat-unif | lipstick-etsy | platforms-asos

I love mixing all my favorite things

together when it comes to getting dressed. I am an endless sucker
for crop tops and anything high waisted, but have really been getting into more
minimalistic, baggy cuts and retro patterns. I have been looking especially for a pair of flatforms, anything with conchos and the most perfect pair of sunglasses by UNIF,
which I bought yesterday as a gift to myself for my birthday!

I have a lot of upcoming plans for my blog and am excited
about the redesigns and photo projects. If you have
any suggestions let me know!