Jun 5, 2014

valley of the dolls

                 I love this dreamy eyed

Valley of the Dolls interpretation by photographer Chelsea Wise.
The colors, the mood, the makeup, it is all pretty much perfect. I am inspired
to spend the rest of my day watching old movies, lounging in the tub!

to view more photography by Chelsea Wise click here

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Jun 2, 2014

june wish list

sunglasses-unif | crop top-topshop | lipstick-nyc
leather bag-motel | conch belt-ralph lauren | leopard socks-living royal
distressed denim shorts-etsy | cutout boots-jeffrey campbell

                       Yes, I am still alive!

Crazy how a one week "vacation" from blogging to clear
my mind turned into three. But I think I needed it.

As if I'm not already on the computer enough, having a social
media job for a fashion company exposes me to a lot of fashion-related images all
day long. This is heaven, but also means more of my time is spent lusting after distressed denim, every pair of platform or leather boot and everything in between.

With summer approaching I have been taking a more thrown together
appeal to style so a pair of high waisted shorts, cropped tank and an interesting shoe is becoming my uniform. I also purchased a pair (okay, two pairs) of foam birkenstocks
from the dollar store which are pretty amazing and haven't left my feet. I'm
sure you'll be seeing them sometime soon.

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