May 7, 2014

empress rising

everything I'm wearing is thrift or vintage!

Ever have weeks where you feel like

you're being tossed around at sea and holding on for dear life?
My week so far has been just that. It's a cognizant reminder that you are at the
whims of some predetermined control, and that to endure you must simply ride each wave.
I realize I'm being very vague, but if you've lived any stretch of adult life (as
most of you are) you will be able to relate.

One of the perks of growing up in a smaller town was the ability to easily stumble
upon immaculate treasures laying right out in the open. Thrift stores in a small town aren't dog eat dog, nor are they a way to overcharge for used items. This is probably why I have somehow acquired a type writer, overhead projector and 16mm projector all for under $30. I have been wanting to start a new project with my projectors, and realized as soon as I put on my one and only 16mm reel (an eerie prairie scene from a social studies class) that I could at least take some photos while thinking up a project.

Everything I'm wearing in this post is thrift or vintage. I picked up the midi
length floral dress and concho belt last week at a flea market and have been wearing
the belt everyday since. It's a great feeling to spend a measly amount of
money for a couple unique pieces.

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  1. woow all that for under $30. my local thrift store is no where near that impressive! i adore these photos.