May 7, 2014

empress rising

everything I'm wearing is thrift or vintage!

Ever have weeks where you feel like

you're being tossed around at sea and holding on for dear life?
My week so far has been just that. It's a cognizant reminder that you are at the
whims of some predetermined control, and that to endure you must simply ride each wave.
I realize I'm being very vague, but if you've lived any stretch of adult life (as
most of you are) you will be able to relate.

One of the perks of growing up in a smaller town was the ability to easily stumble
upon immaculate treasures laying right out in the open. Thrift stores in a small town aren't dog eat dog, nor are they a way to overcharge for used items. This is probably why I have somehow acquired a type writer, overhead projector and 16mm projector all for under $30. I have been wanting to start a new project with my projectors, and realized as soon as I put on my one and only 16mm reel (an eerie prairie scene from a social studies class) that I could at least take some photos while thinking up a project.

Everything I'm wearing in this post is thrift or vintage. I picked up the midi
length floral dress and concho belt last week at a flea market and have been wearing
the belt everyday since. It's a great feeling to spend a measly amount of
money for a couple unique pieces.

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May 6, 2014

risque business

photos taken from the Nylon Mag site.

I dont know what to love more...

the clothes, hair, or general awesomeness (yes I just made that up)
from the Risque Business collection by Emma Mulholland sneak peek. I guess it's no
surprise that I've fallen for another Aussie designer, but goddamn this is killer.

Inspired by the Brat Pack movies and interestingly enough, office
supplies like Post Its and paper clips, this collection sneak peek is the perfect pastel
80s it-girl explosion (did I just fit all of that into one sentence?)

read Emma Mulholland's

interview with Nylon Mag: here

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May 5, 2014

may wish list

moto jacket-h&m | white leather halter-rag & bone
leopard shorts-new look | cosmic love shades-nasty gal
lipstick-lime crime | napsack-etsy | flatforms-spylovebuy

To be honest, making these

wish lists sometimes stresses me out.

I get so excited putting the outfit together that I forget to pay
attention to who makes the product and then I don't want to go back because
everything looks just right. Although there are definitely companies I am happier to
support, I don't think clothing purchases should be made solely because of the brand
or label, and it feels strange to "want" something from a business without knowing
what they're about (let alone promoting it online).

As the weather continues to get hotter (like 98 degrees hot
with LA's last heatwave) it has been hard for me to leave the house without my
leather jacket, so I've realized it would be a good idea to start collecting
more unique leather pieces, like this white leather halter. It is probably the
only sane way to wear leather during the summer! I am also forever on
the hunt for the perfect pair of flatforms.

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May 3, 2014


                      I finally got around to

creating a Facebook page for my blog and would be
so grateful if you took the time to give it a look and a "like!" If you don't
have a Bloglovin account (which I would suggest getting if you have a blog), the
Facebook will help keep you up to date with my posts and personal tidbits.

                    visit my Facebook page here!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!


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May 2, 2014

moon block party

kikagaku  moyo
deap vally
jessica (@universemilk) & simeon
the cosmonauts
allah las
the cosmonauts
latrice of @forthewildflowers
night beats

                 Take me back to the desert.

I went to Moon Block Party (Desert Daze), a one-day
psych festival out in the California desert, expecting it to be one of the
best days of my life...and it was. Seriously nothing is better than being around
like-minded people with inspiring fashion and music that transcends
all the noise.

I met a lot of crazy cool people, and sadly realized I missed
meeting a few of my favorite bloggers, but left with a clear sense of the things
that excite my soul. It was the distraction and escape I needed.

If you live in the LA, you should make the trek to Mecca for Desert Daze next year.
Check out their site here or follow on Instagram @moonblockparty


check out this rad Desert Daze
photo diary by the babes at Vulture Vintage.

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