Apr 11, 2014

it's a sassy world

             I've discovered so many creative

             individuals since I began blogging

that I feel grateful to even know these people exist. Helena, blogger of
Bell's Fashion, and now Sassy World creator, immediately drew my attention when I first discovered her blog and has kept it because of her insane creativity, sincere personality and ongoing ambition. When I saw she was launching Sassy World, a site of collected vintage to reflect her colorful style, I was ecstatic and became more dazzled as I viewed the lookbook (another is coming when the site launches!) According to Helena, the clothes are meant to be an escape for girls "into a vibrant, girl power fuelled world, where they can feel inspired to have more fun with fashion," and I
wouldn't expect anything less inspiring or positive from her. I am looking forward to the
myriad of glitter and faux fur as well as future lookbooks, which will be
changed frequently!

                       official launch date:
                             APRIL 12

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  1. ahhh i've just seen this, it made me so emotional! thank you SO much for your lovely words. It really does mean a lot <3 lots of love xxxx

    1. of course babe, you're a huge inspiration to me! <3