Apr 9, 2014

festival makeup

            If you're like me, you love any reason

     to dress up or get a little funkier with your style.

Coachella, coming up this weekend, is a great opportunity to be inspired by music
and style, including hair and makeup. Lately I have been loving glitter, colored liner, baby doll lashes, and a head full of flowers and braids, and these things can easily be exaggerated to create a perfect festival look. I also have some festival beauty etiquette to ensure that you look as hotass at the end of the day as you did when it started.

Day One:

Today you are going to be excited to get to the festival and will be fully rested
and not hungover (if you prepared correctly) so I would take advantage and go for a more
natural look. Apply a bright colored gloss or liner, let your hair be, and enjoy yourself.

Day Two:

Today you'll be feeling inspired and in full festival mode (as will everyone else)
so be a little more daring with your look. Try a glitter brow or head of hair. I would also suggest getting your hair out of your face with a couple of braids or slicked back with a flower crown, barrettes, etc, since your hair will be starting to get a bit greasy.

Day Three:

Today you're going to be a bit exhausted, and it will probably show. Apply a white
liquid shadow with sheen under your eye to help conceal just how tired you are and let
your tangly hair do all the work for you by putting it up in a messy top knot.

Also, drink plenty of water and bring chapstick. You're going to look as
good as you feel and it's important to stay hydrated!

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