Feb 9, 2014

hustling in barbes

head wrap-american apparel | robe-thrift | crop top-missguided
midi skirt-missguided | leather platforms-h&m

                      Lately I've had much luck

finding cheaper, and in many cases thrift, versions of clothing
pieces I've wanted for some time. One of my favorite finds has been this lovely purple robe, which I nabbed off an old nightgown at the thrift store. I love its tiny, holographic diamond pattern and have considered adding fringe to the hem or sleeves, but for now I will keep it the way it is. I also recently made my first purchases from the brand, Missguided, and have decided they are
now one of my favorite places to shop from.

I have been listening to a lot of music lately (which isn't anything new),
and along with coffee, it has kept me in a transcendent, creative state of mind. I discovered the French psychedelic band, Catholic Spray, yesterday and have been listening to their songs (especially from the album Earth Slime) on repeat.

I've found that a lot of people, especially in the blogging world, have been experiencing
true internal reflection and awakening over the past month. I feel this is an exciting time and an exciting year for many people who are deciding to devote themselves to what they really want to do with their lives and I'm inspired and thrilled to see what comes from all this passion and creativity.

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  1. Love love love. It makes me so happy you're still creative :)

    1. thanks Ronni! I see you started your own blog, I will definitely be following along! :)

  2. amazing outfit, absolutely love the skirt X


    1. you're so sweet Louise! thank you so much!

  3. omg, you're a babe! love that chiffon robe<3