Feb 3, 2014

february wish list

This month I have found myself with a little extra money and finally
decided to invest in some new clothes, which I am awaiting in the mail. It is funny the power clothes can have over your mood. Clothes can make you professional, comfortable, playful, or sexy. Because I have been taking life in general too seriously lately, I have decided that being a little more lively with my clothing can't hurt and might even help redirect my focus. Despite my recent purchases, I am really still on the hunt for a great denim jacket. I quite like this Ragged Priest jacket I've included with this wish list, but am actually only really looking for a thrifted denim that I will most likely cover in studs, patches and pins like these from mega babes, The Pulp Girls. 

checkered crop top-forever 21 | bubble midi skirt-topshop | studded denim-the ragged priest
chunky platform sandals-jeffrey campbell | fringe bag-charlotte ruse | retro pins-the pulp girls

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