Jan 31, 2014

january: favorite looks

Visa of 1FINEDAI
All of Visa's looks are impeccable. She has a collection of sunglasses and
shoes to swoon over and I love how she has styled this furry pink sweater, one of my
favorite trends right now. To view her blog click here.

Isabel's style is free-spirited, colorful and uniquely her own. She could
probably rock a potato sack and get away with it. I love the eccentric prints and colors of
her wardrobe and hair, not to mention her distinctive hats. To view her blog click here.

I always look forward to the unique pieces Kayla wears and the especially unique way
she puts them together. Kayla is incredibly quirky and has the best collection of vintage
pieces of any blogger I follow! To view her blog click here.

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Jan 29, 2014

eternally teenage

turban headband-urban outfitters | earrings-h&m | blazer-thrifted
floral skirt-thrifted | platform sandals-thrifted

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Jan 28, 2014

once upon a farm

Some of my favorite shots from Lonelydot's shoot with the stunning Seaghna Wilson. I am not familiar with Lonelydot but am in love with Seaghna's style, and alluring, interesting personality.

To view Seaghna's blog click here.

To view the Lonelydot site (where these photos were taken) click here.

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Jan 25, 2014

slug style: nicole morris

The February installment of SLUG Style is up! We interviewed
mega-babe marketer and designer Nicole Morris of Omitted Youth.

To view the full feature on SLUG Magazine's website click here.

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Jan 24, 2014

mushroom magic

I am obsessed with the artful conception behind Australian brand, Romance Was Born,
and their most recent line for summer 2014, Mushroom Magic. Whatever fairy tale place these clothes come from, I want to live there. The unusual colors, cuts and prints from this collection are evocative of Rainbow Brite and some galactic beings love child.

I can truly appreciate when designers create more than just clothing,
they create literal pieces of art. You can simply see imagination and you are taken to a place beyond the ordinary, beyond the world we are surrounded by day to day.

To see more of the looks from Mushroom Magic, view their site here.

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Jan 22, 2014

flowers on the wall

Sorry for the lack of inspiration lately. I have been overwhelmed by life
and not super creative, but if you read my last post you will know I have started the steep but steady climb out of my own self-restricting stagnation. What makes me feel alive are things that spark my creativity, and when I don’t pay enough attention to those things I become an unpleasant and miserable person.

I find it frivolous to make new year goals, but I promised myself that this is the
year I will truly come to know my creativity. I know what I want and where I want to go and that realization is something I cherish and cannot waste.

Here's a little Tomorrow's Tulips to lift your creative burdens as well:

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Jan 21, 2014

backbite launch

Backbite is a collaboration of five girls in the LA area who have scoured
to find vintage and thrift pieces to fit their desert/beach/psychedelic/daydreaming aesthetic. Their site and spring 2014 lookbook launched yesterday and it couldn’t be more marvelous! These are all girls whose blogs I follow and it is inspiring to see what they have created as a collective.

Lately I have been in the worst, uncreative slump. I have a million ideas running
through my head at any given moment but have convinced myself I don’t have time to pursue any of these outlets. Seeing the launch of Backbite and how these girls are accomplishing their dreams has refocused my energy and influenced me to tell the left side of my brain to shut the hell up.

As a creative person, I am not myself when I am not creating. The struggle between
being practical and truly spending time doing what excites my soul will be one I hope to not struggle with much longer.

To shop Backbite’s amazing finds for the body AND home, visit their site (here).
You can also follow their Tumblr (here) and Instagram (here) for daily inspiration!

Photos were taken from Backbite's official website.

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Jan 7, 2014

slug style: the stockist

As you may know, I work at SLUG Magazine, mainly doing event marketing,
but I have recently started writing an online fashion column for them called Slug Style. Salt Lake City isn't particularly known for their style, but we certainly have our fair share of stylish people, as well as local designers and boutiques. This column was created to highlight the personal styles of those in the Salt Lake area by capturing photos and dialogue with them at their own homes and in their own closets.

Our first feature (written by me and photographed by Robin Sessions) are a brother and sister duo who own a high-end boutique in the 9th and 9th district, The Stockist by Fresh.

read their full features here:

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Jan 6, 2014

january wish list

Happy New Year! Hope you are fully recovered and had a good holiday.
So far 2014 has been busy as ever and I find myself in bed with a cold. I feel this will be a year of big changes for me, which is both overwhelming and exciting, and I embrace the challenges that may come with that.

It is interesting to see my style evolving, especially since I started blogging.
Now that we are past Christmas, I am looking forward to spring clothing and the shedding of layers that comes with that. This wish list is inspired by my hopefulness for spring, and the realization that I will soon, for the foreseeable future, be somewhere that rarely gets below 50 degrees (more details to come).

sweetheart crop top-asos | leather shorts-nasty gal | floral kimono-tokyo doll
leather bucket bag-motel | circle fur bag-motel | round mickey glasses-asos
lipstick-urban decay | ruffle socks-topshop | scully platforms-pixie market

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