Dec 6, 2013

december wish list

Lately I have noticed a dramatic change in my style tastes that I never
thought would occur. Colors I have never liked before, a slight preference of silver over gold, and pieces I always admired but would never personally wear are starting to creep up to the top of my must have list. I’m not sure in its entirety why these changes are occurring, but can guess in large part would have to be from blogging. I submersed myself into a world I thought I already understood, and now that I am delving deeper and deeper into this sea of people and clothing that inspire and challenge me, my own imagination has been boundless.

It is a relief to have found a creative outlet for my unique relationship with clothing.

As I have stated in previous posts, pastels are my current obsession. This outfit draws off a light blue theme and is pretty simple, but I feel the details of the skirt, shoe and highlights add interest while letting all the pieces work together. I would throw this on with one of my cream colored fur collars and a dark lip.

pastel highlights-etsy | nude polish-topshop | pastel blue boyfriend coat-topshop
leather crop top-topshop | cutout skirt-asos | sunglasses-mink pink
medium leather bag-jil sanders | black leopard creepers-underground

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