Nov 7, 2013

november wish list

November Wish List

I love all the elements in this wish list. The patterns, colors and textures are all things I would incorporate into an outfit. Although black is my go-to color for colder weather, I love throwing in visually interesting elements like a colored boot or fur.

The past couple weeks I have been working on a new project for the magazine. It is something I am very thrilled about and have been focusing a lot of energy on. I can’t disclose what the opportunity is quite yet, but I will give news as soon as I can! Lately it feels like more and more things are falling into place and it feels good to see the results of my deeds. It also feels good to constantly be working on something creative in the field I love.

green shearling jacket-karl donoghue | printed maxi skirt-malene birger
pleated maxi skirt-neon rose | concho hat-unif | infrared lipstick-topshop
denim moto jaket-topshop | floral tea dress-topshop | cutout boots-topshop
green machine polish-forever 21 | pyramid cross-body bag-topshop
indigo pointed ankle boots-topshop

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  1. Aahh the coat & nails.. totally feeling those. Is the hat the Unif one?

    1. I've been on a bit of a lime green kick lately ;) and yes! the hat is Unif. I totally spaced adding an item list to this post, so thanks for the reminder haha.