Oct 9, 2013

stud muffin

Lately I have been yearning for a vacation. Once it starts getting cooler and
cloudier I really feel beckoned by the melancholy beaches in the northwest states.

I also, for the first time in many years, have a real winter coat! Which is crazy considering I live in an area that gets below zero degrees.

I am not necessarily looking forward to being surrounded by piles of snow and would really rather it just stay fall year-round, but I have made up my mind that I will learn to ski this winter. The concept of having a long stick strapped to each foot has never really appealed to me, but nothing about winter really has. I’m more of a read a book by the fire, have a Lord of the Rings marathon and ignore the dropping temperatures kind of gal.

Scouting locations for my blog shoots is also going to become more of a challenge once the snow starts falling. I love driving around Salt Lake finding strange nooks and interesting spots in the city. It helps me to stop, look around, and appreciate my surroundings instead of bustling by with my busy day.

This outfit displays my new coat, as well as the holographic creepers I wore in my last outfit post. These are two of my new favorite items since they found their way into my closet!

floral top-kimchi blue
studded skirt-forever 21
tights-halloween shop
creepers-deena &ozzy

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  1. Yeeeah I'd be pretty happy with fall all (most) of the time. Love this time of year. Love this outfit too!

  2. This to me is the best time of year especially as Christmas is round the corner now :) love your outfit xx