Oct 14, 2013

monster inspiration: medusa

In Greek mythology, Medusa was considered a monster; a remorseless
woman with hissing, reptant hair who turned anyone who gazed upon her to stone.

The epitome of female rage, I pictured a modern Medusa wearing sultry pieces such as a snakeskin mini skirt or biker jacket to entice the unknowing into her contemptible trap. The braids and curls, reminiscent of coiling snakes, and green smoky eye only work to mask her corruption with unfounded beauty.

Last Halloween I had the pleasure of dressing up as Medusa, and felt very devilish. I constructed the costume from several green patterned pieces I found at a thrift shop, Grecian-style ribbon I used as trim, and I even opted for yellow contacts. I also used the tutorial below to create a snake crown from baked clay. Regrettably I wasn't able to find a decent picture of the put-together costume.

medusa snake crown tutorial:

Next Monday will be a new Halloween adaptation!
If there is a monster look you would like me to create, comment below.

Pictures were taken from Polyvore and Tumblr.

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