Oct 8, 2013

monster inspiration: bride of frankenstein

Today is the first of a Halloween-themed post series that will continue every
Monday until All Hallow’s Eve!

While watching old horror movies (I am actually starting a "marathon" of cult horror movies featuring female monsters), I began to wonder how the quirks and bizarre attributes of a monster integrated in todays culture would appear. Many of the female monsters are so elegant and mysterious and it is the perfect month to pay homage to their unusual beauty.

Today’s inspiration is Bride of Frankenstein. She is dark and unconventional with a hint of sensuality. Her “wardrobe” consists of light-colored, draped layers that dust the floor. What truly makes a statement is her hair and makeup, which can easily be translated into something wearable today.

Bouffant hair was particularly popular in the 50’s and 60’s but it isn’t shocking to see the style, as well as multi-colored hair, which I happen to love. I also find dark eyes and a burgundy lip, reminiscent of Bride of Frankenstein, to be my go-to makeup look for fall and winter.

Every Monday I will choose a different monster so be
sure to check back for my next interpretation!

Pictures were taken from Polyvore and Tumblr.

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