Oct 10, 2013


Does the rain make you nostalgic?
Here I am, with my pumpkin ale, enveloped in the glow of fluorescent lights and the sound of puttering rain, thinking about the things I wish I would have done over the past few years.

Don’t get me wrong, I'm a productive person. I have a college degree, I’ve taught myself to sew and like to be involved, but I am also a perfectionist, and hate that I don’t have the physical capacity or time to participate in all the ventures I want to. But then I think to myself, is that a cop out? Am I just afraid to put myself out there?

Sitting here staring out at the street and people passing by, umbrellas overhead, I find myself reminiscing at being nineteen. I was in my second year of college studying journalism and marketing, and had a lot of time to spend on my various hobbies.

Because I lived in a fairly small town, thrift shopping was a main form of entertainment. It actually became a daily ritual for my friends and I. We frequently made and refashioned second-hand clothes and compared our creations, looking for felicitation, as well as criticism. Then one day we found ourselves setting up a store front, and later hosting “parties” (who doesn’t love an excuse for a party?) to sell our clothes.

This fizzled out after about a year, even though we all continued to modify clothes on our own.

Had our business continued (or perhaps if I started another on my own), and had I started a style blog much sooner, I feel I would be farther ahead, and doing more of the things I hope to do with my life. We all get in this state of mind from time to time, but the important thing is to not let it get you down. That is why this blog has become so important to me; as a way of articulating my artistic vision, for inspiration and inspiring others, and for connecting with people who share the same hopes as I do.

feature ran in a local paper (Logan, UT) about our business (2009):

To all the bloggers and people who have checked out my blog, thank you sooo much!
Your feedback and comments have been such a positive thing for me!


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