Oct 7, 2013

ghouls night out

Halloween Looks


Because it’s October, and I’m kind of a freak about holidays
(Halloween in particular), be prepared to see a lot of spooky-themed content this month.

To start off the festivities, I compiled my favorite Halloween-inspired
items for the year, including a few costume ideas from American Apparels notorious and annual Halloween lookbook. I could care less about “trending Halloween costumes,” and think it’s ridiculous to spend much money on something you’ll only wear once a year, but I do like to take these ideas and see what I can be inspired to come up with and have, for the last few years, spent more than a few hours DIY’ing (yes, I made that a verb) my Halloween costumes (hopefully I can find some blog-worthy
pictures to post throughout the month).

I have also taken advantage of this glorious holiday by creating a post series that will start tomorrow and continue every Monday until the end of the month, so be sure to check back later for more Halloween-related inspiration.

cat bodysuit-devo wevo
eyeball leggings- shop jeen
bone ankle socks- shop jeen
kitty dress- tarte vintage
butterfly mask- urban outfitters
pumpkin crop- urban outfitters
tux sweater- dolls kill
striped dress- dolls kill

american apparel costume ideas 2013:
          tooth fairy           frida kahlo             unicorn

I like these costume ideas because they seem fairly easy and fun to make on your own and allow a variety of color schemes and textures to choose from. My particular favorite is the unicorn. It leaves a lot of room to be creative with the colors, hair and makeup and you could probably get away with finding half the costume in your closet.

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  1. I like Frida Kahlo costume idea, looks very interesting and quite unusual:)


    1. thank you Darya! Thanks for following and for the comments, I will definitely be checking out your blog next :)