Sep 27, 2013

witch bitch

In the course of three days it has gone from ninety degrees outside to a measly forty.
Talk about a shock to the system. I am sitting under a blanket with a heater pointed at me, wrapped in three different sweaters and a thick pair of socks.

Mother Nature is a remorseless being. Although I am keen to the clouds,
rain and dreariness, a few weeks of mild weather would be lovely after the scorching summer we just endured in Salt Lake City. At least it helped create the perfect scene for my outfit shoot at the graveyard across the street from my home.

Despite the severe cold, I enjoy the changing seasons and have found myself craving pies and spices traditionally associated with colder weather.

leather biker jacket- h&m
studded dress-h&m
maxi skirt-american apparel

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  1. love this set of photos. you are beyond stunning.

    1. thanks lovelies. you are seriously the best.

  2. All black: I love it!
    Nice pics and blog you have ;)


  3. thank you Faye! I will check out your blog as well :)