Sep 18, 2013

jungle baby

Lately I have been infatuated with greenery. I bought a book on houseplants and have been determined to mask my apartment with geometric compositions of succulents and cacti, decorative rosettes, and lengthy climbings of toothed, fleshy leaves. Basically, I want to live in a jungle. There is also something magnificent and cathartic about taking care of things that breathe so much beauty into your environment.

Whilst hunting down a palm, I discovered an impressive local tropical plant store near my home (paradise palm) and realized it was the perfect location to shoot this tropical-inspired skirt from Wasteland.

Long high-waist skirts are without doubt the most comfortable clothing item I own. They are so easy to throw on (and to make!) with any top or jacket and although great for summer, they are an easy transition piece into autumn.

I also adore mixing patterns, and love how this American Apparel headband complements the radical print of the skirt.

head wrap-american apparel
glasses-warby parker
crop top-american apparel
leather biker jacket-h&m
shoes-jeffrey campbell

This is my third outfit post and although I am still getting the hang of having a camera in my face more often than I’d like, I am having an excellent time with this blog and really appreciate anyone and everyone who has taken the time to check it out!


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    1. thanks dearie, I appreciate all the comments. you're so sweet!