Sep 26, 2013

cosmonauts & psych rock

I surround myself with live music as much as I can (afford).
In the presence of leather-clad musicians rupturing instruments with vibration and spitting out conscience, I can find remnants of universal 

For those few minutes I am drowning in a sea of lights, colors and sounds; I have lost myself, have found myself; have found my link to existence. It is captivating to discover what connects to your ethnologic core without pretense.

It is becoming a rarity for music to make me feel this way. In an age where music is more of a money game and popular song topics are partying and wearing booty shorts (transient art and commercial banality), bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Angels, Van Morrison and Tame Impala are a few that continue to capture something rudimentary to human need.

This is primarily why psychedelic rock has been heavily inspiring me over the past couple years. That, and it kicks ass.

After scouring local papers and event calendars I happily discovered Burger Records was touring through Salt Lake with a handful of their bands. All the bands were obviously amazing (it’s Burger Records), but only one made me drown: the Cosmonauts.

Their sound is upbeat and ancient and it was something I had been yearning for. Just a few twenty-something-year-olds from Southern California, forging malcontent drone-pop melodies, delivered with clangy laser-fuzz backbone that offers a glimpse into drug-addled garage-trance.

People crave and benefit from the sort of originality bands like
the Cosmonauts present; they soak it up like a sponge and hopefully do something constructive with it. I know the past few days have been more creative for me because of listening to their songs on repeat.

Below I have posted a link to their website and Facebook page, and a few of their videos (because I obviously couldn’t pick just one). I also linked the Burger Records site. Take the time to support deserving people that are making a difference in the creative world!




cosmonauts site:

cosmonauts facebook:

burger records:
burger records

***Bolded section of text is paraphrased from the Cosmonaut “About” section on Facebook***

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