Sep 23, 2013

blogger spotlight

Being a newcomer in the blogging world, I am overwhelmed and
excited by the abundance of blogs out there. I could spend all day, and in fact frequently do, reading post after post of stylish creations plucked from imagination. I find it extremely exhilarating to be part of such a visionary and receptive community that encourages each other’s style and creative endeavors.

While creating my blogroll, I was left with a gigantic list of fantastic blogs that I helplessly tried cutting down to a readable size. I decided featuring blogs would be a great way to bring attention to the blogs I enjoy and the originative individuals behind them.

waltz in black

Brittany of Waltz In Black is a rock n’ roll biker chick that appears to be straight out
of the 70s. Not only do her outfits kick ass but her photos tell a story of a small, desert town idyllic that make you want to live in a turquoise trailer and drink Coke out of a bottle. I love her amazing collection of leather, boots and Harley Davidson tees.


Sara of Waiste (she also owns a label under the same name) has effortlessly
exquisite style. She’s one of those gals who can throw anything on and rock it. I love her unique taste and ability to mix a lot of different elements into one outfit (especially fur accents and she really knows how to pull off a kimono).

***All photos were taken directly from the Waltz In Black and Waiste sites***

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