Sep 30, 2013

holographic creepin'

glasses-warby parker
fur stole-decades vintage
blue blazer-(gifted) lush
grey mesh dress-(gifted) lush
tights-urban outfitters
holographic creepers-deena & ozzy

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september: favorite looks

At the end of every month I have decided to feature a few of my favorite blogger
looks from the month. This is an idea that came to me after I saw Helena from  Bell's Fashion sport this pink duster outfit and couldn’t stop gawking over it.

The other outfit I chose for this month is Stacey of devorelebeaumonstre.

I didn’t realize how similar the silhouettes were, but think this sort of look is a perfect way to dress for fall. I love how they have played around with different lengths and textures.

Sep 27, 2013

witch bitch

In the course of three days it has gone from ninety degrees outside to a measly forty.
Talk about a shock to the system. I am sitting under a blanket with a heater pointed at me, wrapped in three different sweaters and a thick pair of socks.

Mother Nature is a remorseless being. Although I am keen to the clouds,
rain and dreariness, a few weeks of mild weather would be lovely after the scorching summer we just endured in Salt Lake City. At least it helped create the perfect scene for my outfit shoot at the graveyard across the street from my home.

Despite the severe cold, I enjoy the changing seasons and have found myself craving pies and spices traditionally associated with colder weather.

leather biker jacket- h&m
studded dress-h&m
maxi skirt-american apparel

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Sep 26, 2013

cosmonauts & psych rock

I surround myself with live music as much as I can (afford).
In the presence of leather-clad musicians rupturing instruments with vibration and spitting out conscience, I can find remnants of universal 

For those few minutes I am drowning in a sea of lights, colors and sounds; I have lost myself, have found myself; have found my link to existence. It is captivating to discover what connects to your ethnologic core without pretense.

It is becoming a rarity for music to make me feel this way. In an age where music is more of a money game and popular song topics are partying and wearing booty shorts (transient art and commercial banality), bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Angels, Van Morrison and Tame Impala are a few that continue to capture something rudimentary to human need.

This is primarily why psychedelic rock has been heavily inspiring me over the past couple years. That, and it kicks ass.

After scouring local papers and event calendars I happily discovered Burger Records was touring through Salt Lake with a handful of their bands. All the bands were obviously amazing (it’s Burger Records), but only one made me drown: the Cosmonauts.

Their sound is upbeat and ancient and it was something I had been yearning for. Just a few twenty-something-year-olds from Southern California, forging malcontent drone-pop melodies, delivered with clangy laser-fuzz backbone that offers a glimpse into drug-addled garage-trance.

People crave and benefit from the sort of originality bands like
the Cosmonauts present; they soak it up like a sponge and hopefully do something constructive with it. I know the past few days have been more creative for me because of listening to their songs on repeat.

Below I have posted a link to their website and Facebook page, and a few of their videos (because I obviously couldn’t pick just one). I also linked the Burger Records site. Take the time to support deserving people that are making a difference in the creative world!




cosmonauts site:

cosmonauts facebook:

burger records:
burger records

***Bolded section of text is paraphrased from the Cosmonaut “About” section on Facebook***

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Sep 23, 2013

blogger spotlight

Being a newcomer in the blogging world, I am overwhelmed and
excited by the abundance of blogs out there. I could spend all day, and in fact frequently do, reading post after post of stylish creations plucked from imagination. I find it extremely exhilarating to be part of such a visionary and receptive community that encourages each other’s style and creative endeavors.

While creating my blogroll, I was left with a gigantic list of fantastic blogs that I helplessly tried cutting down to a readable size. I decided featuring blogs would be a great way to bring attention to the blogs I enjoy and the originative individuals behind them.

waltz in black

Brittany of Waltz In Black is a rock n’ roll biker chick that appears to be straight out
of the 70s. Not only do her outfits kick ass but her photos tell a story of a small, desert town idyllic that make you want to live in a turquoise trailer and drink Coke out of a bottle. I love her amazing collection of leather, boots and Harley Davidson tees.


Sara of Waiste (she also owns a label under the same name) has effortlessly
exquisite style. She’s one of those gals who can throw anything on and rock it. I love her unique taste and ability to mix a lot of different elements into one outfit (especially fur accents and she really knows how to pull off a kimono).

***All photos were taken directly from the Waltz In Black and Waiste sites***

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Sep 18, 2013

jungle baby

Lately I have been infatuated with greenery. I bought a book on houseplants and have been determined to mask my apartment with geometric compositions of succulents and cacti, decorative rosettes, and lengthy climbings of toothed, fleshy leaves. Basically, I want to live in a jungle. There is also something magnificent and cathartic about taking care of things that breathe so much beauty into your environment.

Whilst hunting down a palm, I discovered an impressive local tropical plant store near my home (paradise palm) and realized it was the perfect location to shoot this tropical-inspired skirt from Wasteland.

Long high-waist skirts are without doubt the most comfortable clothing item I own. They are so easy to throw on (and to make!) with any top or jacket and although great for summer, they are an easy transition piece into autumn.

I also adore mixing patterns, and love how this American Apparel headband complements the radical print of the skirt.

head wrap-american apparel
glasses-warby parker
crop top-american apparel
leather biker jacket-h&m
shoes-jeffrey campbell

This is my third outfit post and although I am still getting the hang of having a camera in my face more often than I’d like, I am having an excellent time with this blog and really appreciate anyone and everyone who has taken the time to check it out!


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Sep 16, 2013

teenagers from mars

I have always been impressed with those bold enough to create the things they dream about, no matter how silly it may seem to some.

Jeremy Scott is a person and designer that continually surprises me and inspires me to express myself creatively. I love the abstract and obvious where inspiration is derived and that he always creates looks that are completely different from other designers.

His newest collection, Teenagers From Mars, is nothing short of his previous. The women’s cuts are unique and feminine, and of course the prints are vibrant and quirky with great pops of color.

According to an article in the LA Times, this collection “combines the rebellious spirit of '50s-era youth with a future-past Space Age aesthetic to create a range of pieces perfect for the planet-hopping retro-rebel set.”

to see the full collection:
jeremy scott

photos taken from:

leopard obsessed

If you haven’t noticed, I am a bit obsessed with animal print.

I found these amazing leather-accented shorts for $10 (they were originally $60!) Nothing beats end of season sales, especially if you are someone who likes to layer, like I do. I love finding ways to incorporate summer pieces into my fall/winter wardrobe.

silence + noise

Sep 13, 2013

inspiration: portland

Instead of writing one post dedicated to the many things that inspire me,
I would like to delve into them one at a time.

I grew up on the cloudy waterfront of the Willamette River, just outside of Portland, Oregon. I never gave much thought to the affect this had on my style until I moved to Utah, where a majority of people follow a fairly cookie-cutter style.

I miss walking down the streets of Portland seeing all tie-dye getups, people with purple lipstick, crazy hair, chains and clunky boots with multi-colored laces. I miss seeing people who don’t give a damn, who wear the clothes they do simply because they like them.

Fashion is about art and self-expression, not about trends. I came by a quote by author Gore Vidal the other day stating, “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Oregon is a perfect place for the creative individual. There is a lot to be inspired by, and if you’re like me, the clouds and rain help. It is a place where grunge and the 90’s have never truly died.

(all photos were taken from portland based tumblr accounts)

check out a few of portland's bloggers/style contributors:

Sep 4, 2013

omitted youth

The closing of summer typically means getting into a better sleep schedule, less reason to regularly eat ice cream (I’m sure I can still justify it somehow), and the air growing steadily cooler every day. It also means refashioning our favorite summer items for fall-appropriate weather.

I purchased this crop top at Salt Lake’s Craft Lake City this August, a growing event featuring artisans and craft from the Salt Lake area. Since then I have been finding literally every excuse to wear it and am proud to support local business and entrepreneurs.

I would typically pair this crop top with a high waist cut-off short, but as it starts to get cooler
I would throw it on with a pair of patterned leggings (as I have photographed), and chunky sweater.

crop top-nicole morris design/omitted youth
leopard wedges-DIVIDED by h&m
jewelry-thrift & alexander mcqueen (skull bracelet)

To see more designs by Nicole Morris check out her website:

To find out more about Craft Lake City:

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Sep 2, 2013

september wish list

September Wish List

Outside there is an air of change, a transition is occurring. A time associated with crisp, cool air, warm drinks and nights that penetrate you with darkness, in a way that you can’t help but feel the mysteriousness of them.

I look forward to wrapping up in soft, loose layers, dark colors and sliding into my leather jacket that has been hanging, lonesome, in the back of my closet.

This September wish list is compromised of the colors, textures and spirit I associate with the onset of autumn.

denim jacket-H&M | leather biker jacket-H&M | nobody tank-UNIF
sunglasses-UNIF | midi skirt-Topshop | bowler hat-UNIQLO
leopard ankle boot-Jeffrey Campbell | layered Aztec bracelet-Dorothy Perkins

for these looks and others, use the links below:

Sep 1, 2013

tartan DIY shorts

It is hard for me to define my style because it changes day to day,
depending on a variety of factors. I suppose it’s what I tend to throw on without second thought, which usually includes a great deal of black, studs, a high waist, and mixture of (usually contrasting) patterns.

This is an outfit I put together to showcase a pair of shorts I constructed.
I love one-of-a-kind clothing, which is the main reason I learned to sew and put unordinary outfits together at a fairly young age.

shirt-silence + noise
necklace-forever 21