Aug 28, 2013

thrift finds

I was introduced to thrifting by my sister when I was thirteen.
I didn’t quite understand how she could sift through rack after rack of misshapen and faded clothing. It wasn’t until a year or two later that I realized it was a treasure hunt.

Hidden between old team jerseys and unflattering getups nestle textile gems, vintage patterns and torn band shirts that more than likely hold secrets of an exciting past.

When I entered high school I began teaching myself to sew. Before skinny jeans were around, I would sit and hand sew up the sides of my flares until they fit snug to my legs.

In college, I took it upon myself to “actually” learn the mechanics of sewing. I practiced proper seam allowance, pattern making and sewing on buttons by machine until my fingers were numb. It was then that I started vigorously collecting second-hand, not only for unique ensemble but to refashion the textiles themselves.

About a year ago I got rid of my unmanageable collection so I could start fresh. I have only kept a drawer of my favorite finds. I am now in the process of recollecting thrift fabrics and clothing so I can start new refashioning projects.

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