Sep 3, 2014

september wish list

faux fur-nelly | ribbed bralette-topshop | leather duffel-asos
air boots-asos | shorts-topshop | lipstick-nars | chokers-asos

It's no mystery that I love

anything black, platformed and made of faux fur. I guess everybody
has their weaknesses. Last week I got rid of a lot of clothes and purchased
some pieces that have been on my wish list for several months. A
cleanse of the closet is a really satisfying feeling.

I have also been thinking a lot about where I want my
blog to go and how I want it to improve as it just whizzed by its
first birthday! I am ecstatic at the amount I have learned about social media
and personal style since I began this online journey but blogging can certainly
have its ups and downs. It has been a precarious and exciting time that has
unearthed more intimate exploration than I had planned on. I am really
looking forward to seeing what comes of year two.

Aug 26, 2014

desert daze

hat-h&m | top-astr | rings-flea market
belt-flea market | skirt-thrift | platforms-h&m

Aug 8, 2014


head band-DIY | dress-flea market
sunglasses-thrift & DIY sandals-dollar store

Aug 6, 2014

august wish list

felt coat- net-a-porter | turtleneck-similar styles at topshop
floral shorts-vintage | concho hat-unif | lipstick-etsy | platforms-asos

I love mixing all my favorite things

together when it comes to getting dressed. I am an endless sucker
for crop tops and anything high waisted, but have really been getting into more
minimalistic, baggy cuts and retro patterns. I have been looking especially for a pair of flatforms, anything with conchos and the most perfect pair of sunglasses by UNIF,
which I bought yesterday as a gift to myself for my birthday!

I have a lot of upcoming plans for my blog and am excited
about the redesigns and photo projects. If you have
any suggestions let me know!


Jul 7, 2014

july wish list

sunglasses-unif | instax camera-fuji | chelsea boots-asos
fringe jacket-topshop | v-neck dress-mango | pink maxi-newlook

Summer is finally here.

And all I want to wear are gobs of layers. I've never been good at
dressing for summer, and now that I live in LA, where it is constantly summer,
I'm going to have to learn. Not to mention my style is definitely changing. I'm
attracted to baggy, boyish silhouettes and have never felt more
enticed to wear "stylish" sweats in public.

Work has really been eating me up and I'm not sure if its
a good thing. Being in charge of social media is incredibly exciting, but the job never
actually stops, and I've found myself becoming more invested in my world online than
with actually living my life. I think we all feel pressure to keep up but over the past
couple weeks I've been giving myself more moments to recharge and it's these
times where I find inspiration and a level head.

 I have been working vigorously on some
redesigns for my site, watch for them soon!

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Jun 5, 2014

valley of the dolls

                 I love this dreamy eyed

Valley of the Dolls interpretation by photographer Chelsea Wise.
The colors, the mood, the makeup, it is all pretty much perfect. I am inspired
to spend the rest of my day watching old movies, lounging in the tub!

to view more photography by Chelsea Wise click here

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