Apr 23, 2014

current favorites


I was recently reading through the blog,
  pixie & pixier, and noticed that she periodically posts links to
some of her recent favorite things. I think it's a splendid idea, not only to
alert you guys about cool stuff, but also to give you an idea of who I am
and the things I like (and hopefully you'll like them too)!
So here goes my first "faves" installment:

1: shoes with mesh socks

2: shop the creatures

I could literally wear every maxi dress,
velvet top and vintage poncho these psychedelic LA babes
carry. Check out their online shop here and follow them
on Instagram @shopthecreatures

3: L.A. Witch's recent

video for "get lost"

Ummm...this video (and music, but DUH) for the all-
girl band L.A. Witch is amazing. Released yesterday, I've
probably already given it about fifteen plays! It's always nice
to see fellow females being badass and doing their thing
and I can't wait to meet these babes at Desert Daze!

4: mondays outfit post

If you missed it, you can see it here!

5: DIY tassel garland

I'm making a garland of my own (dusty pink
& white) that is still in its beginning stages, if you
want to make one too follow the tutorial here!

6: my blogs new FB page

Please help support the new
FB page I created for my blog and give it
a "like" here!

7: these sunglasses

How cute are these sunnies from Nasty Gal? I
realized there are easily five pairs of sunglasses
I've been eyeballing (no pun intended), which inspired
me to create a summer style essentials post, which
will go live tomorrow! Shop these sunnies here.

8: my plants

I've really been on a plant hunt lately and
couldn't help but scoop up this adorable pink polka
dot plant. I think I go out to my patio at least four times
a day just to look at it. I have also gotten a pink rubber
plant tree, a palm and an array of cacti and succulents.
I pretty much just want to make my room a jungle.

9: donut friend

If you are a fiend for donuts (like me), my
neighborhood donut shop, Donut Friend, is your own
personal heaven. It is a DIY donut shop with over 50 glazes,
ingredients and fillings to create your own perfect donut. So
whether you prefer lime custard and mint or maple and
sriracha, they've got you covered. Check out their site
here, or better yet, if you live in LA, lets go
get a fucking donut.

 10: the cutest

bulldog puppy ever

                       11: my new dream house

What are some of your new favorite things?

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Apr 21, 2014

bad vibes

hat-thrift | fringe vest-astr | skeleton crop top-omitted youth
welcome to the jungle leggings-bad vibes | ankle boots-missguided

I will never get sick of wearing these

Welcome to the Jungle leggings by Bad Vibes, they are definitely my new
favorite bottoms. It doesn't hurt that they are the coolest and most comfortable pair of pants ever, but if that isn't enough, they are also created out of sustainable material by two LA babes who deserve major credit (check them out here and here). If you didn't see my last post (here), you will know I opted to do two consecutive outfit posts wearing them, showing two different ways they can be styled. I have to say I felt a lot groovier about this outfit, but what do you think?

Since moving to LA I have really been in more of a productive and creative mind set.
It feels good to be doing more of the things that make me happy (I know I talk about this a lot), but what else could be more important than realizing and moving toward what you are meant to do with your life? A lot of my anxiety and frustration has been stripped away and I feel myself enjoying more things. I am particularly, well, EXTREMELY, excited about the DESERT DAZE festival this weekend-a day of psychedelic music out in the Californian desert.

Check back later this week (and next) to read about some of the bands I'm looking
forward to seeing at Desert Daze, street style shots I've taken at the festival and to see my own festival look. And if you're reading this and are going to the festival too,
I would love to meet you!

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Apr 16, 2014

psychic chasms

fur hat-vintage | leather moto jacket-h&m | pastel pink turtleneck-thrift
welcome to the jungle leggings-bad vibes | pink socks-topshop | black platforms-zara

       Life couldn't be any better now that I have Bad Vibes.

That may sound a bit backwards, but that's exactly what these amazing leopard leggings are.
Bad Vibes is an LA based company that creates dreamy lace up shorts, leggings, rompers and bustiers out of soft velvets, vegan leather and the best prints. These are easily the most comfortable and stylish pair of pants I own and I am ecstatic to finally be the owner of one of my favorite independent brands, as well as support the creative owners (who are also bloggers: Madeline of Jean Greige and Brit of Disarming Darling).

Because I'm so in love, I thought I would show two different ways to
style the Welcome to the Jungle legging, so this is the first of TWO outfit posts
this week featuring Bad Vibes, check back Monday for the other!

(photos from their most recent lookbook at getbadvibes.com)

or follow on Instagram @getbadvibes

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Apr 14, 2014

sassy world launch

                    If you love fashion and female
          empowerment you're going to want to read this.

One of my favorite bloggers, Helena of Bells Fashion, launched the vintage site
Sassy World over the weekend to give girls a vibrant escape into the thrill of fashion to empower
and inspire them to wear what they want. The clothes reflect Helena's colorful taste, so if you
like wearing bold colors, patterns, chunky shoes and plenty of jewelry, you are going to be
in glitter and funky pattern heaven.

With the launch came TWO lookbooks (view the other here), which have me drooling with
the thought of completely revamping my spring wardrobe, as well as for the
goodies we will see in lookbooks to come!

               time to get sassy, the site has launched!


follow Sassy World on Instagram @sassyworlduk, on Tumblr here and Pinterest here

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Apr 11, 2014

it's a sassy world

                  I've discovered so many creative

                 individuals since I began blogging

that I feel grateful to even know these people exist. Helena, blogger of
Bell's Fashion, and now Sassy World creator, immediately drew my attention when I first discovered her blog and has kept it because of her insane creativity, sincere personality and ongoing ambition. When I saw she was launching Sassy World, a site of collected vintage to reflect her colorful style, I was ecstatic and became more dazzled as I viewed the lookbook (another is coming when the site launches!) According to Helena, the clothes are meant to be an escape for girls "into a vibrant, girl power fuelled world, where they can feel inspired to have more fun with fashion," and I
wouldn't expect anything less inspiring or positive from her. I am looking forward to the
myriad of glitter and faux fur as well as future lookbooks, which will be
changed frequently!

                       official launch date:
                             APRIL 12

follow Sassy World on Instagram @sassyworlduk, on Tumblr here and Pinterest here

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Apr 9, 2014

festival makeup

                 If you're like me, you love any reason

       to dress up or get a little funkier with your style.

Coachella, coming up this weekend, is a great opportunity to be inspired by music
and style, including hair and makeup. Lately I have been loving glitter, colored liner, baby doll lashes, and a head full of flowers and braids, and these things can easily be exaggerated to create a perfect festival look. I also have some festival beauty etiquette to ensure that you look
as hotass at the end of the day as you did when it started.

Day One:

Today you are going to be excited to get to the festival and will be fully rested
and not hungover (if you prepared correctly) so I would take advantage and go for a more
natural look. Apply a bright colored gloss or liner, let your hair be, and enjoy yourself.

Day Two:

Today you'll be feeling inspired and in full festival mode (as will everyone else)
so be a little more daring with your look. Try a glitter brow or head of hair. I would also suggest getting your hair out of your face with a couple of braids or slicked back with a flower crown, barrettes, etc, since your hair will be starting to get a bit greasy.

Day Three:

Today you're going to be a bit exhausted, and it will probably show. Apply a white
liquid shadow with sheen under your eye to help conceal just how tired you are and let
your tangly hair do all the work for you by putting it up in a messy top knot.

Also, drink plenty of water and bring chapstick. You're going to look as
good as you feel and it's important to stay hydrated!

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